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Hey there, I’m Dr. M, your naturopathic physician, trusted advisor and coach, thrilled you’re here!

Navigating wellness and a fulfilling life amidst today’s complexities can feel overwhelming. The healthcare system (in the U.S.) and information overload make it easy to get confused and stray from our own inner wisdom.

But here’s the truth: you have a built-in GPS guiding you, not just in health, but across all domains of life. The challenge is recognizing your starting point and knowing your destination.

Enter the Vital Futures Method. It reconnects you with your inner GPS and equips you with the toolkit you need to journey with confidence. Over the past three decades, I’ve guided countless individuals to bridge the gap between their current reality and their aspirations.

I’ve faced life-changing challenges myself, and they’ve deepened my understanding: to live the life you crave, you must embody it. You must BE it. My mission is to inspire, ignite and catalyze people so that they can create and live full, vital lives.

I’m not just any doctor or coach; I am a fusion of both, uniquely equipped to show you just how extraordinary you are. So, let’s embark on this invigorating journey together. Say ‘yes’ to yourself and join me in creating the life you truly deserve.


Optimal Health

Imagine what would be possible if instead of being told that your symptoms just come with age, you finally get answers for what’s going on in your body, and what to do about it.

Imagine peering into your biology in such a way that you could learn what is really going on, uncover the root causes, and with that information make better choices to improve your health and performance. How much better would you feel?

A More Powerful Self

Imagine being 10x more powerful than you are today. What would be possible for you? Imagine finally understanding how life really works and the tremendous power you have in shaping your experience, regardless of external circumstances.

Imagine what you might create and experience if there were no limits, and if nothing was holding you back. Who could you be? What would you create?