The Freedom Perspective

In a world that often feels constrained by external circumstances and internal limitations, adopting the “freedom perspective” can be transformative. This viewpoint is grounded in the fundamental principle that we are inherently free and unlimited. It’s a shift from seeing ourselves as victims of our circumstances to recognizing ourselves as the creators of our experience.

The freedom perspective starts with understanding that our potential is not dictated by our past or our current situations but by our willingness to envision and move towards what we truly desire. It’s about recognizing that the only true barriers to our freedom are the ones we place upon ourselves—through limiting beliefs, narratives of inadequacy, and the illusion of security in the familiar.

Central to this perspective is the idea that creating the life we want is not only possible but within our natural ability as human beings. It involves shifting our focus from what we’re trying to avoid to what we want to create. This means not getting bogged down by the “how” of achieving our dreams at the outset but starting with a clear vision of our desired outcome and allowing the path to unfold, often in ways we could not have predicted.

Embracing this perspective means seeing challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and learning. It’s about understanding that failure is not a reflection of our worth but a stepping stone on the path to success. This shift in viewpoint allows us to approach life with a sense of curiosity and play, experimenting with new possibilities without the fear of judgment or failure.

Moreover, the freedom perspective teaches us the power of our thoughts and how they shape our reality. By consciously choosing thoughts that align with our aspirations, we can create a more positive, fulfilling experience of life. It’s about realizing that we have the power to choose our response to any situation, thereby taking back control over our emotional and mental well-being.

Living from the freedom perspective is an ongoing journey, one that requires mindfulness, patience, and a deep belief in our innate unlimited nature. It invites us to step into the unknown with faith, to trust in our ability to create, and to live from a place of true freedom—freedom from limiting beliefs, freedom to choose our path, and the freedom to be our authentic selves.

This approach to life doesn’t mean that challenges won’t arise, but it does ensure that we’re equipped with a more resilient, creative, and open-hearted way to navigate them. By embracing our inherent freedom and unlimited potential, we can create lives that are not only more satisfying and joyful but also more aligned with our deepest truths and aspirations.

I refer to Dr. Mendribil as my “shaman”. He is my physical and mental “fixer”. I have been working with Dr. Mike for 10+ years now, and go to him 3-4 times a year for a wide of reasons. He has helped me with both mental and physical needs. I will provide two salient examples. First, I had been having severe nerve pain in my neck and running down my arm. This was going on for a few months, then would stop, then come back. On and off for 1-2 years. I went to a leading NYC spinal surgeon and subsequently had two spinal shots. Those are serious, they put you out, etc. The pain did not go away. I was scheduled to go in for a third spinal shot. Before doing so, I went to Dr. Mendribil. He worked his magic and within a day, the pain was gone. It has not come back. I then asked the spinal surgeon how this was possible. He shrugged his shoulders and said “there are just some things we do not explain”. The second example. I first went to Dr. Mike because I was constantly getting sick 4-5 times a year. It was debilitating, I felt like I was constantly sick, colds, flus, aches, etc. I went to Dr. Mike, he did a series of diagnostics, and then set me on a 30-day cleanse diet. This was 2017. Since then, I have only missed one day of work. In seven years. I have basically been healthy since. I visit with Dr. Mike 3-4 times per year now. I go for a general check-in, where we discuss my body, what feels good and bad, and what tweaks we can make. We also discuss my diet, overall health, and he provides suggestions. Finally, I text with Dr. Mike on and off through the years, asking him random questions about different vitamin supplements, new medicines, and the like. He is consistently helpful. Over time, I have probably recommended 20+ friends to Dr. Mike. I love working with him and believe my friends and family do as well.
David Berdon
Finance Professional
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